Official Salesforce Partner
Official Salesforce Partner

Our services - Implementation


Professional Salesforce Implementation

Our team of Salesforce experts will partner with you and provide implementation services tailored to your unique requirements and situation.

Experienced Team

We have accrued experience from hundreds of projects

Flexible Model

We offer a variety of options to suit your needs

Strategic partnership

We see you as partners, not just customers

Implementation Options For Varying Business Needs

Whether you need help with a simple product implementation, or a comprehensive multi-cloud solution, we’ve designed effective Salesforce implementation packages for projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Fixed Costs

If you have a complex project and budget is a fundamental factor, then this is the best option for you. We will look closely at what your organisation needs in advance, provide a cost estimate to reflect those requirements and deliver on that agreed estimate.

  • Thorough scoping
  • Excellent for cost control
  • Results-oriented
  • Professional project management

Time & Materials

If you have your own IT project manager to control the overall hours and resources required to build your solutions, then this option is great for you. This service model is typically used in smaller projects, where add-on support is required in your Salesforce implementation process.

  • Project scope is fully adjustable
  • Flexibility in budget control
  • Great for companies who want to outsource individual project items


If you need to get your project up and running quickly and all you need is someone to guide you in the right direction, then this is for you.

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Building Your Gateway to Salesforce: Enhanced with Heroku

Transcending Boundaries: Where Scalability Meets Simplicity.

Drawing on our expertise as system integration leaders, we leverage Heroku’s powerful cloud platform to enhance your Salesforce journey. With Heroku’s scalability and our knowledge, we promise engaging digital experiences, swift adaptability to market changes, effortless scalability, and seamless integration for comprehensive insights.

Learn more about Heroku

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We can help you with the following

Consulting and Dev

By mapping out your current systems and processes, we strategically design streamlined and innovative solutions that align with your business goals and needs.


We’ve designed effective Salesforce implementation packages for projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets.


We expertly integrate Salesforce products into your complex network of systems while amplifying organisational efficiency.

Training & Support

We offer support services and training programmes to help your team optimise the potential of your Salesforce investment.
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The team at Ceterna never failed to understand our needs. They provided good consultancy advice which streamlined and improved our business process.

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