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Marketing Cloud
Create Meaningful Customer Journeys with Powerful 1-to-1 Communication in Real-Time
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the most complete and powerful digital marketing platform on the market, facilitating one-to-one customer contact with the right message, through the right channel at the right time.

More and more businesses are using Marketing Cloud to create personalised, cross-channel customer communications with the following features:
  • Journey Builder – Customise your  interactions with customers according to their real-time behaviours
  • Contact Builder – Collate customer data from multiple sources to gain a better grasp of their behaviour and other attributes
  • Email Automation – Easily send and organise emails informed by data and insights
  • Social Studio – Map, execute and track social media campaigns and listen to user sentiment
  • Cross Channel implementation – Drive a consistent customer experience across every channel
  • Content Builder – Create compelling mobile-optimised content across email, mobile, social media, Web, and more

Marketing Cloud allows you to establish a central source of truth across all data sources from social media and web analytics through to your own CRM data. A Marketing Cloud implementation that integrates with the rest of your Salesforce product suite gives you a truly powerful and complete developer level view of your customer.

Every business is different and the Salesforce product suite was built with this in mind; your expert Ceterna Group consultant can guide you through the entire process – providing a blueprint for implementing Marketing Cloud within your organisation in a way that’s seamlessly integrated and truly tailored to the way you and your customers operate.

1-to-1 Personalization

A true 360-degree view of each individual customer. Marketing Cloud combines all data sources (including marketing, sales, and service) into individual contact records. Every interaction with a customer — such as an email open, loyalty program registration, new-lead capture, in-store purchase, or service customer — adds to CRM data insights.

Unparalleled Customer Journeys

Visually plan and map out the interactions that will take place for groups of individual customers during each stage of the customer lifecycle with Marketing Cloud. The plan is not just for specific moments in time based on a single event, but instead for the entire customer lifecycle, which can unfold in a coordinated series of events and interactions based on individual customer behaviour and your own business objectives.

Exceptional Social Experiences

Marketing Cloud has strategic partnerships with all of the major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+
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