Salesforce Community Cloud


Facilitate Meaningful Communication With Your Customers, Employees and Partners

Salesforce Community Cloud is a highly customisable social collaboration platform that gives your customers, partners and employees a voice, driving engagement with your business to create better brand connections.

Community Cloud is a social CRM that connects customers with experts, peers and shared interests, information, answers, and even other products or services they might enjoy.

Community Cloud’s interface can even be branded by a Salesforce consultant to match your business and is mobile-friendly for when your community’s on the move.

Talk to Ceterna Group today about building a valuable community for any audience:

Create a self-serve community that empowers your Customers to find answers for themselves and help each other. Allow them to view their own account dashboards and incentivise their continued interaction with your organisation.

Provide easy-to-access information for channel partners to collaborate with your business effectively with the ability to integrate their own sales-processes and third-party systems into one secure platform.

Provide employee support in the form of HR information, ticket logging, Q&A exchanges and many other features that encourage better collaboration and productivity.

Save time and money by removing the need to build a separate mobile component.
Use the native Salesforce integration system or build a custom API for all other backend services. It will connect data in the disparate system and ensure the right user can access the correct data in real time.
Salesforce Community Cloud helps streamline the processes used by your stakeholders to do great business with you

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Understand Your Customers, Make Meaningful Connections and Streamline Your Business

Salesforce has a range of products that focuses on different aspects of your business. Here are some of the more popular products:

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Focus on your customer to close more deals, drive more leads, accelerate productivity and make more insightful decisions on a single platform.
Marketing Cloud

Contact your customers one-to-one, providing the right message over the right channel, at the right time with the most powerful digital marketing platform on the market.

Service Cloud

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering more responsive and personalised customer service.

Community Cloud

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A smart marketing automation platform offering email automation, targeted email campaigns and lead management for B2B sales and marketing organisations.


Increase productivity and generate error-free, professional quotes that adapt to the intricacies of your business.

Field Service Lightning

Exceed your customers’ expectations and build efficiency in the field by putting the right mobile employee in the right place, at the right time.

App Cloud

Quickly build and deploy trusted cloud applications that are solid, secure and scalable without worrying about hardware provisioning or application stacks.