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Exploring the Importance of Data
Calculated Insights helps you to identify, engage, and reward loyal customers. Calculated Insights supports these goals by helping you understand what actions and behaviours commonly lead to desired outcomes.

A More Meaningful Customer Engagement
Today, customers are expecting personalised, connected experiences. To earn and sustain customer loyalty, brands need to create outstanding, personal experiences. Ceterna Team helps you to reinvent your customer journey from Pre-Sales, Marketing Campaign, Prospect Management and Customer Service. We help you to stay ahead in the market competitions.
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Data is no longer forming a picture that companies can learn from or act on, and as the legality around cookies becomes increasingly complicated, (cookie deprecation, anyone?) first-party and zero-party data becomes absolutely crucial. Current solutions, however—such as in-house CDPs and niche offerings—have not generated desired results, due to their inherent limitations. 

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In this macroeconomic environment, a company’s ability to deliver those exceptional experiences is ultimately dependent on the quality and relevance of the data a company has—but most companies have customer data spread across systems, devices, and teams. As a result, the task of unifying customer data sources—in ways that provides a complete view of the customer journey—seems impossible.
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Understanding your customers is a puzzle. It requires connecting thousands of disparate pieces of information to put together a complete picture. Doing this for one customer would be challenging, but doing it at scale for tens of thousands of customers can seem impossible. A CDP makes it possible to piece together the data puzzle to create a clear picture of your customers. Not only that, it allows you to then take meaningful action based on that data – which helps you create a better customer experience and, in doing so, drive more revenue.

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This is achieved by identifying each individual customer through the collection of data from all of a company’s different CRM platforms and customer databases. Once a unified customer profile is created, the customer data in a business’s CDP is linked via different customer engagement platforms—including email-send engines, demand-side platforms, and content management systems, allowing marketers to personalise customer experiences in real time.
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Calculated Insights helps you to identify, engage, and reward loyal customers. Calculated Insights supports these goals by helping you understand what actions and behaviours commonly lead to desired outcomes (like buying more and buying more often). Specifically, it looks at what your existing customers are telling you, whether implicitly or explicitly, that leads to them being more loyal. Then, you can use that data to create and reinforce journeys that drive toward desired outcomes – like repeat purchases, upsells, or cross-sells. Calculated Insights can even help you make recommendations about which products pair well together to serve the best content to customers to drive those desired behaviours.

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It can also help you reward customers at key points in time, such as a birthday, or an anniversary. This capability helps you better understand your customers and make them feel valued–which can lead to them buying more from your brand and sharing more information.
Who Would Benefit from Our Services
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Corporations Looking to Outsource Salesforce Implementation or Support
We have a proven approach in working with large corporations, from navigating complex organizational structure, understanding intricate systems, identifying pain points, engaging with multiple stakeholders to providing ongoing support for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Pardot, CPQ and more...
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Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Seeking CRM Solutions
SMEs often struggle with resources to manage their customer data and IT system upgrades. We’ve worked with numerous SMEs and we know how to use cost-effective methods to drive project success for you.
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Existing Salesforce Customers Looking for Alternative Service Providers in Hong Kong
If you are looking for a new vendor to enhance your Salesforce experience or introduce a new Salesforce extension, you’ve come to the right place. Our multi-cloud gurus will work with you to identify opportunities to further enhance productivity and create value.
Our Clients
Salesforce Solutions That Take you to the Next Level
We’re a top-rated, full-service Salesforce Partner in Hong Kong with the capabilities and expertise to customise solutions for both existing users of Salesforce products and businesses looking to maximise their business potential by adopting the world’s #1 CRM system.
  • Consulting and Development
Consulting and Development

By mapping out your current systems and processes, we strategically design streamlined and innovative solutions that align with your business goals and needs.

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We’ve designed effective Salesforce implementation packages for projects of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

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We expertly integrate Salesforce products into your complex network of systems while amplifying organisational efficiency.

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Support and Training

We offer support services and training programmes to help your team optimise the potential of your Salesforce investment.

We collaborate with you to achieve business transformation in your Salesforce CRM project.
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