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Official Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Implementation: Why Use A Salesforce Partner?


Implementing the full potential of Salesforce for your business is about more than just installing the CRM software and entering data.

“Assembly Required.” Every consumer knows these are the most dreaded words you can find on a package. They conjure images of parts and tools strewn all over the floor while a frustrated person tries making sense of the instructions.

What to do? Call on an expert.

It’s the same with world-leading software.

The fact is you’ll achieve better results when you engage a consulting partner for your Salesforce implementation. That’s how you can increase sales, improve customer retention and accurately gauge your performance — or, at the very least, seamlessly integrate Salesforce with your current systems.

As anyone who’s ever tried to implement new software can tell you, it isn’t without its challenges. Sometimes you need a knowledgeable implementation partner to help you formulate a project plan, manage your timeline and get you on your way. With experienced insight on your side, Salesforce CRM is truly agile and customisable to your unique business needs.

4 Salesforce Implementation Mistakes You Can Avoid by Partnering With a Consultant

Mistake #1 – Not getting buy-in from your team

The most important first step in the Salesforce implementation process is to answer the question, “Why Salesforce?” by communicating the benefits of it to your team. This will help get their buy-in and avoid ineffective implementation with your current systems which could mean added cost in the long-term.

If you ignore this step, you may find yourself facing an uphill battle integrating the software company-wide. Much has been said about the value and increased ROI (return on investment) that Salesforce brings to businesses. However, you can only generate consistent value if and when your team actually uses it.

Moving to a Salesforce environment can also be a good time to change outdated practices and offer training that introduces new ways of thinking to improve performance. New user and admin training that will immediately accelerate your team’s productivity is typically offered as part of a consultant’s Salesforce implementation services.

Mistake #2 – Duplicating or losing data during migration

During the sales cycle, loads of redundant data is generated. Most likely, you already have tons of customer data and one of the first tasks will be to migrate it into the Salesforce CRM.

Now is the time to ensure you are only importing information that is useful, and that you’re pruning out duplicate records. If you miss this crucial step, it can dilute the quality of data within Salesforce and lead your customers to believe interactions are not being professionally addressed.
Ideally, you should have a single comprehensive record for each customer across Salesforce. An implementation consultant can advise your team on data cleansing and revolutionise your sales approach for a more consistent customer experience.

Mistake #3 – Failing to consider your business objectives

An implementation project roadmap is critical to executing your company’s vision.Without it, you aren’t able to measure your results against your business objectives.

A Salesforce implementation consultant will give you the expert assistance you need to identify and prioritise your organisation’s goals, pain points and success metrics. You can use this as a base ‘success checklist’ of sorts to clearly define your KPIs (key performance indicators), gain full visibility into your sales pipeline, and custom tailor Salesforce to your business.

Whether you’re launching or re-launching Salesforce, you’ll improve workflows and optimise sales much more quickly and efficiently by partnering with a Salesforce consultant.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring essential testing

Testing and retesting to be sure your Salesforce integration is in sync with your organisation’s systems is required to ensure that results are consistent with organisational changes. Without a proven test strategy, including key aspects like functionality, performance, security and scalability, you can’t be sure your implementation will withstand the test of time.

An implementation consultant will help you determine which testing techniques meet best practices such as Integration Testing, Security Testing or Sandbox Testing.

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