Official Salesforce Partner
Official Salesforce Partner

Salesforce Consultants: Role of Salesforce vs. a Consultancy


Choosing Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is your first step towards greater productivity and growth.

Ceterna believes this wholeheartedly. As a leading Salesforce consulting partner in Hong Kong, looking after Regional Asia, we’ve also aligned our future with Salesforce!

What does the Salesforce platform do?

Salesforce offers a single online, scalable platform that can transform businesses of all sizes, blazing a trail in sales, marketing and service.

However, getting the most out of your Salesforce investment requires an experienced hand to customise the solution to your business’s needs.

Think about buying a suit off-the-rack. The great fabric is already there, but now you need a tailor to give it a great cut tailored for your body. An experienced tailor works fast, giving you a great silhouette and polished presence!

How could we start on this?

The starting point is asking some key questions:

  • How will you optimise the Salesforce platform to maximise its benefits?
  • How will you ensure that the platform integrates with your existing systems?
  • Who will train your staff to turn those opportunities into greater productivity?
  • How will you give access to reps out in the field?
  • How will you implement successfully without interrupting your business plans?


This is where a Salesforce partner can show you the way.

Why hire a Salesforce Partner?

At Ceterna, having worked with companies in every sector, we’re well aware that every organisation is unique. Each has its own priorities, practices and process.

We know well that Salesforce Consultants offer:

• Extensive Salesforce knowledge
• Experience in a range of industries
• Collaborative, team-based approach
• Salesforce certification

Salesforce consulting partners bring a unique skillset, combining technical knowledge with business acumen to produce great outcomes. Let’s have a look…


Every company has its own business processes, team setups and objectives.

That’s why customisation is the key to harnessing the full power of Salesforce CRM and maximising the ROI on your investment. An experienced consulting firm will customise the platform to your company’s business needs.


Every company invests in its IT systems for finance, HR, marketing and other business functions. That data is a key asset and must be retained. Plus, your people have already been trained to use those solutions.

One of Salesforce’s main strengths is its ability to integrate with your existing systems.

Use Salesforce Consultants to configure, migrate and customise the Salesforce dashboards and reports to align with your existing systems. They will also train your people, showing them how to take their work to the next level, and develop apps, including mobile apps, that connect your teams to the Salesforce solution.

Ongoing support

When does your system get a hiccup? At the worst possible time, of course.

Retaining a Salesforce consultant for ongoing support gives you confidence and peace of mind – you know experts will be there to troubleshoot anything that comes up.

Not only this, but the competitive environment is changing rapidly. Having a Salesforce Consultant on your side means you’ll adapt more quickly to market trends, making the Salesforce CRM work for you every time.

Ceterna: a Salesforce consultant offering customised solutions

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