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Loyalty Management and How it has changed CRM


When talking about loyalty management, the first thing that pops into our minds would likely be loyalty cards, programs, or memberships. Despite that being most companies’ most overt example of loyalty management, the term encompasses far more than that. Loyalty management is a unified, cross-industry solution that enables businesses to plan and manage perks for longstanding members and partners. In essence, through loyalty management, engaging with customers in meaningful ways and bringing value into their experience has never been easier.

Does it live up to the hype?

Many have observed that companies scaling up often implement loyalty management into their processes to some extent, is that a strategic move or is it just following the big players in their industry? The degree Loyalty Management has been hyped up, particularly in the west has made it the center of scrutiny by skeptical business owners not familiar with it.

Though a relatively new system in Hong Kong and throughout Asia, it should be noted that Loyalty Management has also proven itself in Asian ecosystems. In fact, the Asia Pacific Loyalty Management Market is currently valued at $945.9 million expected to triple by 2026. From the perspectives of everyday consumers, more than 86% of respondents in Asia reported that they were more enticed to a shop with loyalty programs, we can conclude that the presence of loyalty systems has been growing in Asia and has started to play a substantial role in consumer’s purchase decisions.

If you have not been convinced of the power of loyalty yet, having it also allows for easier data collection and customer acquisition.

  • 57% of consumers agree to share data in exchange for personalized offers & discounts
  • 73% of travelers say they expect companies to understand their travel needs and behaviors.
  • 85% of business buyers say a business’s experience is as important as its products and services, but 73% still say that most sales interactions feel transactional.

Struggles without CRM

So, looking to drink the Loyalty Management kool-aid but have no clue where to start? Before diving into it, we should understand what issues setting up a loyalty management system may face. With loyalty management depending heavily on customer experience and personalization, the main issue business sees when attempting to create a loyalty system without tools. This is due to the taxing amount of menial work and aftercare services employees need to conduct on a daily basis, the time needed only increases as more customers sign on to the loyalty system.

After a while, most businesses that start off with a manual process pivot to loyalty management software, though automated, businesses face an issue at the other end of the spectrum: loss of personalization! Most ready-off-the-shelf systems that are not integrated with CRMs have preset schemes that may not apply to every business, making them inflexible and unable to cater to each business’s needs. Besides that, they require much higher maintenance than CRM integrated Loyalty Management systems, businesses must manually update their CRM and loyalty management system separately.

With that, it also brings up an issue of data disparity, since the loyalty management system is isolated, it often leads to the loyalty system being outdated or incorrect due to the lack of updates. In most cases like these, customers responded negatively due to the bad user experience. Coupled with the commitment time and separate billing, businesses opt to scrap loyalty management altogether, never attempting it again.

Introducing Salesforce Loyalty Program

By now you might be rethinking the inclusion of loyalty management in your system altogether, but before you come to a decision, let’s talk about how the Salesforce Loyalty Management program tackles those issues!

By now you might be rethinking the inclusion of loyalty management in your system altogether, but before you come to a decision, let’s talk about how the Salesforce Loyalty Management program tackles those issues!
Salesforce’s Loyalty Management is the perfect solution to the isolation problem that plagues many loyalty management systems since it has the unique advantage of being a subsidiary portion of Salesforce CRM, the largest and most robust customer relationship management system in the market. Because of this, it seamlessly links into pre-existing Salesforce CRMs, porting over analytics, customer profiles, and all the data you have on your CRM previously. Besides the migration, the Salesforce Loyalty program also syncs up seamlessly to your Salesforce CRM, allowing you to make use of Salesforce’s robust analytics dashboard. Above all else, Salesforce provides businesses with full multi-channel campaign management, which tracks everything from interactions with the brand to point accumulation. With this, businesses can launch a widespread campaign without worrying about memberships or customer aftercare slipping through the cracks. For Salesforce CRM users it is a no-brainer, it’s not only an immensely useful addition to your system that brings you closer to your customers, but also only a few taps away!
The Salesforce Loyalty Program also empowers businesses with all the necessary tools in an easy-to-access and maintain place. With an intuitive dashboard for employees and a single view of customers, employees are able to understand the customer easily and quickly across all touchpoints.


Another factor the Salesforce Loyalty Program excels in is the personalization aspect. With customer perception driving the effectiveness of customer acquisition and conversion, personalization definitely plays a big role in the overall performance of the loyalty system itself. Salesforce allows businesses to customize every step of the customer’s path to purchase and beyond. They also take care to make the process as intuitive as possible, enabling a one-to-one engagement tree that is highly personalized, for both the customer and the business.

If you ever want to take it a step further, Salesforce is there to offer every key sector in the scope of customer relationship management. From marketing cloud, and commerce cloud to service cloud, connecting Salesforce solutions provide businesses with a full 360-degree view of each and every customer. With the Salesforce Loyalty program, you will be able to build the perfect customer loyalty experience, complex or simple.


The days of crossing customer’s membership cards when they enter are long gone, with consumer attention being higher than ever, let’s bring the personable aspects of the old way of doing things into the world of automation, loyalty management is undoubtedly an essential asset to any businesses’ longevity, and having a fuss-free CRM solution is the best way to go about it.

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