Can a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution make life better? Yes, it can!

Considering a CRM?

Ceterna routinely meets companies that have spent years talking about implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

They imagine it will improve their business: a single platform connecting every part of the organisation, real-time insights, dashboards, reports, connected campaigns and performance reports.

Why haven’t they made it happen?

Because their days are taken up by the demands of keeping the ship afloat: customer projects, employee needs and delivering the product or service. Focusing on longer-term commitments, even if they’re beneficial, are put off for tomorrow.

Step back, breathe, and take some outside advice. Namely, that your suspicions are correct – a proper CRM will empower you overcome those daily pressures and tackle your business goals smarter, stronger and with a new energy.

Let’s show you how.

How would Salesforce Help?

In those early discussions on Salesforce, we focus on three key benefits a company will notice right from day one. They are: interconnectivity, integration and insight.


Salesforce is a single, comprehensive platform connecting your entire organisation.

Sales and marketing teams can collaborate on campaigns, account reps will have the latest customer information at their fingertips, and even HR, finance and operations units will use the platform for their data needs.

Salesforce is 100% Cloud-based, so that connectivity is entirely mobile. Your employees can work from their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Reps in the field will access the platform for real-time customer quotes, while C-suite executives will create reports at the boardroom table.


Salesforce integrates with your other systems, including migrating your old data.This is a big topic. It’s the same concern when you’re considering a new smartphone or laptop. What about all the data I have stored on my current system? What about other systems we rely on? Will all that information be lost?

Salesforce was designed to integrate your data. Customer data from your original systems will be migrated into Salesforce. Going forward, we will integrate Salesforce with your other systems.


Salesforce will make those day-to-day tasks run quicker, smoother and more effectively with greater information.It’s hard seeing people paralysed by that overwhelming feeling of having high demands but not knowing where to start. If I only had greater information, then the next step would be clear. Salesforce makes the next step clear. The solution provides a 360-degree view of your customers and prospects, and Salesforce Einstein leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take large quantities of data and drive predictive analytics.Your first step to a greater success

When you introduce Salesforce to your organisation, it’s for everyone. Your sales, marketing, management, HR, finance and other teams will immediately see how it helps their day-to-day work.

To learn how interconnectivity, integration and insight can help your organisation, contact us.

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The team at Ceterna never failed to understand our needs. They provided good consultancy advice which streamlined and improved our business process.

The team at Ceterna never failed to understand our needs. They provided good consultancy advice which streamlined and improved our business process.